How I discovered the consulting business

At the age of nineteen I was working at a telemarketing company, managing three hundred telephone sales reps, one trainer and three conversation monitors. As it turned out, my boss, who owned the company, liked a girl who liked me. Let’s just say my employment didn’t last long.

I then found a job with a recruiting agency. My new boss was a family friend, and as they say, familiarity doesn’t always work well in the work force. Because my new boss and I were very close, he didn’t feel compelled to teach me a whole lot. So my training involved him tossing a book at me and saying, “Here is a book of companies that all use an AS/400 as there computer system.” He then tossed a resume at me and said, “Here is a resume of a good AS/400 guy. Call the companies in that book and sell them this guy.”

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What is your current non-working daily revenue?

I am a software consultant by trade.  That basically means that I bill companies by the hour to create custom software for them.  About 90% of what I do is creating financial reports for the fortune 5000; Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Sales Projections, Budget to Expense reports, etc.  I have learned a few things from studying the financial reports of these very wealthy organizations.

For example I have learned the value of tracking ratio’s.  One ratio that I am becoming more and more concerned with is my Daily Revenue/Spending Ratio.

That basically means how much am I spending per day compared with how much am I earning per day.  But, before we get further into discussing the Daily Revenue/Spending Ratio, I want to talk about Daily Revenue.


Nothing but White Noise

z-m   December 2, 2011   5 Comments on Nothing but White Noise

On September 23rd 2009 I wrote a post titled “Think Slow, Talk Slow and Move with Purpose”.    Yesterday when I logged into my blog and I began reading the comments that people left I was reminded of that post.  The post began like this:

“The older and more seasoned I become the less I like people that are fast talkers.  In the past I have been accused of being a fast talker myself and when I was younger, there were times I confused verbal skills with charisma.”

Now back to logging into my blog and reading my posts…  This afternoon when I began reading the comments that were left on my posts I noticed that someone had left me a spam.  They indicated that they noticed that I needed to improve my page rank with Google, and they were just the folks that could do that.  This was there comment:

“Hello Webmaster, I noticed that is ranking pretty low for some keywords, this may be due to the new Google Panda update, or it could be due to a variety of other factors. I’m sure you already know about On-page SEO, where Google cares highly about proper formatting of various H1/H2/H3 tags, having your main keyword appear in the beginning of your post and having your post end with the keyword, along with having keyword related alt tags and very relevant LSI. However, you do not seem to have the proper Keywords or relevant Keywords in your posts and in the website. Right now you need a tool or plugin that will allow you to check on Keyword insights, search trends and check for backlink analysis and to find out your Keyword competition. To find a Keyword Plugin that combines both Keyword Research and has the ability as a Rank Checker is what WordPress Seo Keyword, please check out our 5 minute video.” City

My first thought after I read this was “Here we go again, another spammer”.  But then my second thought was “What a dumb ass!”.

People like to hear themselves talk or in this case – write!

Yesterday I was searching for some examples of how to use javascript to do image rollover’s and I came accross this post (  I don’t know the guy that wrote the post and I have no experience with javascript or for that matter CSS or modern HTMl, that being said,… Read more »